Know Your Volunteer Name / Mobile Number by Using Aadhar Number

Know Your Volunteer Name / Mobile Number by Using Aadhar Number at Andhra Pradesh government set up Grama Sachivalayams which are also known as Village secretariats to decentralize the administration for making services of government departments from a single place. In India, Andhra Pradesh is the first state to launch such services. The state government of AP appointed persons called volunteers to carry out the services for eligible people. This concept was taken from Mahatma Gandhi’s Grama Swarajya which helps villages in promoting and changes to self-sufficient, autonomous entities.

All the unemployed youth of Andhra Pradesh state are recruited as volunteers and provided jobs. The selected persons will have to undergo the training procedure before they get appointed in the sachivalayams. Fifty families will be allocated to each volunteer. Their duty is that they should provide all the benefits assigned to the families and record all the family member’s details in their database.

Know Your Volunteer

A volunteer must bring all the services or beneficial schemes to people without showing any variation. He/ She has to know the problems of the allotted families and help them to solve the issues. Services to doorsteps for the related groups must be executed. The Volunteer has to identify the problem and keep their efforts to solve it and educate the people of his group. Wise advice should be delivered by them to maintain a better relationship with the group members.

The fifty families to whom a volunteer is allocated should be aware of that particularly helpful person. If the volunteer details are not known, they should follow the steps mentioned below to find related information. 

Know Your Volunteer by using Aadhar Card Number                   

  • Open the link
  • Select “Services” from the menu bar present at top of the home page.
  • Click on the option “know your Volunteer” from the “Services”.
  • It directs the user to a new page where his/ her “Aadhar number” or “Captcha” code should be entered.
  • Then click on the “Check” button.
  • The details “Volunteer Name, Mobile Number, Cluster Name, Sachivalayam Name, Sachivalayam Code, Mandal Name, and District Name” will be displayed on the screen.
  • If the details are not displayed, the user should contact their related ward Sachivalayam to know the details.

By following the steps in an orderly format by assigning the Aadhar card number a person can come to know the contact details of the concerned or related volunteer. One can access the complete details as per the user’s requirement by following the regular updates given by our website. Users can search, and find the related volunteer details and can be benefited from them.

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