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PICME – Login, Number, Registration, Status: PICME is nothing but Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation. It is a system developed by the government of Tamilnadu state to track all pregnant women in the state. Children are the future of our country. So it is one of the responsibilities of the government of India to pay some heed towards the blooming buds. 

PICME is one of such platforms that the government of Tamilnadu state has started. This process is started for the betterment of pregnant women as well as infants. 

Any pregnant woman can register on the web portal of PICME www.picme.tn.gov.in right from the inception of her pregnancy until getting a birth certificate for the newborn baby. 

Our Swachh Vidyalaya web portal is here to help you in this regard and placed a direct link to register for PICME. Please go through the below article carefully to know more details about the PICME scheme, Login process, importance of PICME number, PICME registration online procedure, PICME number status, and many more. 

An Overview of PICME Scheme

Pregnancy is a very crucial moment in a woman’s life. Of course, the mortality rate of pregnant women has been decreasing for the last ten years in India. But, still, it is not zero. Some of the reasons that can lead to the death of a mother or infant are an unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient care, and insufficient healthy food. 

So the government of Tamilnadu has taken the initiative to start the PICME scheme to pay attention to the pregnant women in the state. Hence, it is an essential task for every pregnant woman to get registered in the PICME scheme. After registration, they will be provided with a PICME number. This ID is used to track all aspects of the pregnancy by the department of Public Health. 

The Importance Of PICME Number 

As per the scheme of Tamilnadu government RCH- Reproductive and Child Health, every pregnant woman should get registered with Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation as soon as she knows about her pregnancy. After completion of PICME registration, she will be provided with an RCH ID. It is a 12-digit Identification Number provided by the government of Tamilnadu. By using this RCH ID, she can avail herself of various facilities under the PICME scheme. 

Some of the facilities are listed below. 

Provided Convenience in Pregnancy

After getting registered with PICME, the woman will be provided convenience in her Pregnancy. The local nurses of her location will start tracking the woman and will take special care during the state of ante-natal. Along with this, the nurses will also help the woman to upload all the documents in the software so that she can avail all the necessary help from the Tamilnadu government. And the nurses will guide the pregnant women from time to time about what are the steps they should follow to get the necessary help from the state government. 

Offered Financial Aid

The government of Tamilnadu will be offering financial aid of Rs 18000 to every pregnant woman in the state, who has registered with the PICME portal and for this scheme of Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefits. This will be paid in several installments. 

  • Installment 1- Rs 2000 will be paid before twelve weeks of pregnancy if you have registered on time in the portal. 
  • Installment 2- Again Rs 2000 will be paid after the third month. 
  • Installment 3- This will be paid after the fourth month but will be as per the terms mentioned in the state government G.O. 
  • Installment 4- Rs 2000 will be provided after the fourth month.
  • Installment 5- Rs 4000 will be provided after the delivery. This will be paid only if the respective person’s delivery is done in a government hospital in the state of Tamilnadu. 
  • Installment 6- Again Rs 4000 will be paid after the vaccination of the newborn child with OPA/ROTA/PENTA along with 2 IPV doses. 
  • Installment 7- This will be the last installment i.e, Rs 2000, and is paid after the final vaccination of Measles-Rubella and that should be before the twelfth month of the infant. 

Providing Birth Certificate

The women who have registered with PICME will avail of the benefits even after delivery. Actually, in some cases, getting the birth certificate of the newborn can get difficult, the women who have received this RCH ID through the PICME web portal will get it with ease. No need to worry about such things, if you have registered with PICME. You can get the birth certificate of the infant efficiently without trouble. 

Because of these benefits, the government of Tamilnadu state has made it mandatory for every married woman to get registered with PICME as early as possible. These persons can also avail of the benefits of the birth of their second child too. 

How To Register for PICME?


The PICME registration process is listed below and it can be completed in four ways. You can choose the best method based on your convenience. 

  • Way 1- Self-registration through the official website of PICME
  • Way 2- Contacting nearby Seva centers where women can get registered for free of cost.
  • Way 3- By calling toll-free number 102.
  • Way 4- By visiting the nearest Government hospital and getting in touch with authorities. 

PICME Registration Procedure


  • Step 1- Visit the official website of PICME www.picme.tn.gov.in
  • Step 2- On the home page, go to the right-hand side of the screen, and there you will find an option of Pre-registration by Public. 
  • Step 3- You can directly click on this link to get the blank form picme.tn.gov.in
  • Step 4- After clicking on that, a page will be opened with a blank form and there you need to fill few details such as your name, adhaar, address, and many other. 
  • Step 5- Here, you need to select a time from the slots to get in touch with a nurse.
  • Step 6- Now, you have to provide your email ID, mobile number at the bottom and click on the option to generate an OTP number.
  • Step 7- Enter the OTP number that you have received on your mobile and provide the captcha.
  • Step 8- Now, click on the save option.

The registration process will be completed now and you will get a PICME number of 12 digits on your mobile and email. The nearest health care authorities will get in touch with you. Normally, it will take a month or so to get the completion of the registration procedure. 

PICME Login Process

Follow the below steps to log in to the PICME portal. The authorities will get in touch with you regarding the registration completion and help you in getting your user name and password for the PICME login process. 

  • Step 1-  Visit the official website www.picme.tn.gov.in 
  • Step 2- Enter the user name and password in the field.
  • Step 3- Fill the captcha with the provided code.
  • Step 4- Now, click on Submit button.

After login, you will be able to check various items like the status of financial aid, about the scheme, and also edit your personal details whenever required. 

PICME Number Status Check

You can check the RCH ID status by following the below steps. 

  • Step 1-  Visit the official website www.picme.tn.gov.in 
  • Step 2- Click on Pre-registration by Public option 
  • Step 3- Then select the option of Pre-registration application ID status.
  • Step 4- You need to provide your 12 digit application ID or PICME number or RCH ID that have received during registration.
  • Step 5- Now click on submit button to know your status. 

Your PICME Number status will be displayed on the screen. 

Contact Information:

If you face any difficulty in the registration process, login process, or any other issues, the PICME has provided a helpline number. You can reach them by giving a call to 102 or mailing at picmehelpdesk@gmail.com.

Click here to Register online for the PICME scheme – picme.tn.gov.in

Click Her for PICME Login – https://picme.tn.gov.in

Swachh Vidyalaya is always here to help you! Keep in touch with us to get more updated PICME information from time to time. 

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