Directions in Telugu and English తెలుగు దిక్కులు

Directions in Telugu and English తెలుగు దిక్కులు: Here in the article where we learn the directions in the Telugu language. In Telugu, the directions are called “దిక్కులు”. When a person intends to travel to any place, directions play an important role. The directions help the person to find the way to which part or area they are traveling.

Learning a language plays an important part in every individual’s life. The Telugu language is the mother tongue of the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is sometimes used in some other states.

Learning a language means learning from its basics. At first, the alphabet is learned, then the words, sentences, and grammar. For the smooth functioning of survival, everyone has to learn the basic elements that are used in daily life. Directions are one of its parts. English is the common language in which the directions are known to everyone.

List of Directions in Telugu and English తెలుగు దిక్కులు

Here is the list of directions in which Direction names in Telugu and English are mentioned. The Telugu language pronunciation is provided in English for easy reading.

  • North – ఉత్తరము (Uttaramu)
  • South – దక్షిణము (Dakshinamu)
  • East – తూర్పు (Turpu)
  • West – పడమర (Padamara)
  • North East – ఈశాన్యము (Eesanyamu)
  • North West – వాయువ్యం (Vaayuvyam)
  • South East – ఆగ్నేయం (Aagneyam)
  • South West – నైరుతి (Nairuthi)
  • East North East – తూర్పు ఈశాన్యము (Turpu Eesanyamu)
  • East South East – తూర్పు ఆగ్నేయం (Turpu Aagneyam)
  • North North East – ఉత్తర ఈశాన్యము (Uttara Eesanyamu)
  • North North West – ఉత్తర వాయువ్యం (Uttara Vaayuvyam)
  • West North West – పడమర వాయువ్యం (Padamara Vaayuvyam)
  • West South West – పడమర నైరుతి (Padamara Nairuthi)
  • South South West – దక్షిణ నైరుతి (Dakshina Nairuthi)
  • South South East – దక్షిణ ఆగ్నేయం (Dakshina Aagneyam)

Why direction “North” is given priority ?

To find the directions a compass is used. In the compass, north is marked as it serves as a reference point for navigation. Earth has a magnetic field and one of its poles is known as the “North Magnetic Pole” which aligns with the geographic North Pole. The compass needle points toward North Magnetic Pole because of this alignment that provides a reliable and consistent indication of the direction north.

When an unknown place is reached where the direction is not found. We can easily trace the direction by using a magnet. First, we can find the north direction, then the remaining directions. Thus the direction north has its importance. Using the present technology, the live or present location can be shared through WhatsApp. Technology has thus improved work making them easy.

In the olden days, if any address is asked of a person, the answer is given along with directions with a perfect landmark like a tree, road, well, temples, school, etc. At present days people are using the present technology of mobiles or laptops to know the way through a route map. All the locations are set on the maps these days. To find an address a person need not take another person’s help. They can trace or find the address through the internet services.

The searcher can search for the address by entering their present location and the destination area. A map is shown with the required instructions to reach a destination point. The map also shows the landmarks in the route map. To reach the destination a mobile with charging and Internet is necessary.

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