SCERT Telangana Class 2 Textbooks download

Telangana SCERT Textbooks Download for Class 2: The students of Telangana state are provided with an opportunity of downloading the state class 2 textbooks from the website SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training) of Telangana. There are seven languages medium of study, all the academy books are available in pdf format links. Mathematics, English, Telugu, Hindi, and Urdu are the subjects included in the 2nd class with the experts after a research analysis. Every person can utilize this chance of downloading the related subject links completely free of cost.

SCERT Telangana Textbooks for Class 2 English/ Telugu Medium Subject Wise :

English Textbook for 2nd Class SCERT Telangana: 

“My English World” is the English language textbook introduced to 2nd standard students. As the class students are very small, all the lessons are to be explained relating to daily life situations. New words are provided as a list at end of each reading. The exercise Do this in the lesson gives support to understanding the concept. All four skills Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing are planned in their curriculum to bring out a fruitful result. Pictures and stories are given to improve the thinking skills of each individual.

Lessons in 2nd Class English Textbook:

  1. At the Zoo
  2. Where are you, Sweety?
  3. A Visit to Uncle’s House?
  4. Snoopy comes to school.
  5. Here is your coin!
  6. What’s my name?
  7. Together we pull.

Mathematics Textbook for 2nd Class SCERT Telangana: 

Maths subject is directly connected to our real life. Basic concepts are introduced to the class 2 children. The topics included are learning numbers from 1 to 20, counting animals, birds, and trees and writing their number, saying and writing sequence of things and people, identifying before, after, and between numbers till 20 and 100, ascending and descending arrangement of numbers up to 20and 100, expansion of numbers, identifying big and small relationships of numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of numbers with carrying forward method till two digits, measuring length, weight, volume, learning time, identifying currency, identifying and comparing shapes, and recording numbers in the table. A revision exercise is designed at the end of all chapters for the practice purpose of students. This revision, students will be benefited from and will be helpful for them in the next class concepts.

Chapters in 2nd Class Mathematics Textbook:

SCERT Telangana Class 2 Textbooks

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  1. Numbers from 1 to 20
  2. Numbers from 10 to 99
  3. Numbers with Three Digits
  4. Comparing Three-Digit Numbers
  5. Addition of Numbers
  6. Addition of Numbers (Carryover)
  7. Subtraction
  8. Subtraction of Numbers
  9. Multiplication of Numbers (I)
  10. Multiplication of Tables ( 1 to 10)
  11. Multiplication of Numbers (II)
  12. Division of one number by another number
  13. Length of Things
  14. Weight of Things
  15. Measure of Liquids
  16. Time
  17. Money
  18. Shapes
  19. Let us Record

The users who intended to get the academic textbooks of SCERT can download them from the number of links provided by our website and can subscribe to us to get daily alerts. Students, parents, teachers, or competitors can download these books and utilize them according to their needs. As all basic concepts are given in these books, doubts can be clarified without posing a question to anyone. All the citizens of Telangana state can utilize these books provided free of cost to download.

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