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APGLI Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance: Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance (APGLI) offers more savings benefits when compared to other schemes like EPF/GPF.  To get applied to the scheme, the Andhra Pradesh state government employees whose salary is drawn from the 010 head account should get mandatorily bounded with the insured APGLI scheme.

Benefits of APGLI:

  • An APGLI policy doesn’t get lapsed.
  • The proposals of the persons should be submitted before the age of 55 years.
  • The premium rates of the policy are very low.
  • The premium of APGLI is exempted under Section 80c of Income tax.
  • Bonus rates are attractive.
  • The employees of the state government can contribute up to 20% basic pay premium irrespective of slab rate.
  • The enhanced insurance age by the government is from 48 – 53 years vide G.O.Ms.No.16 FINANCE (ADMIN.II) DEPARTMENT Dated: 17-02-2011.
  • The enhanced insurance age by the government is from 53 – 55, years vide G.O.Ms.No.36 FINANCE (ADMIN.DI&IF) DEPARTMENT Dated: 05-03-2016.
  • The Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Scheme got extended by the government to the municipal employees included with the municipal teachers except the GVMC, VMC, and GHMC vide G.O.Ms.No.25 FINANCE (ADMIN.DI&IF) DEPARTMENT Dated:03-03-2011.

About APGLI:

APGLI is one of the oldest departments in the Andhra Pradesh state that has been established in the year 1907 by the Nizam of erstwhile Hyderabad state for the welfare of his employees. Initially, the management committee used to run it as the Family Pension Fund. Later in 1913, it is renamed as Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund. In the year 1956, after the state formation of Andhra Pradesh, the scheme got changed to “Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund”.

Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance (APGLI) has been established for monitoring and the implementation of the mandatory life insurance scheme that is eligible for all eligible state government employees. The department’s main function is to issue policies, schemes, sanction loans, claims, etc.

The corresponding compulsory premium and pay slabs with reference to the PRC-2015

S. No Pay Scale Monthly Premium
1 Pay from 13,000 to 16,400 Rs. 500.00
2 Pay from 16,401 to 21,230 Rs. 650.00
3 Pay from 21,231 to 28,940 Rs. 850.00
4 Pay from 28,941 to 35,120 Rs. 1150.00
5 Pay from 35,121 to 49,870 Rs. 1400.00
6 Pay from 49,871 and above Rs. 2000.00

APGLI Policy Issue:

To get the policy issued, the employee must fill out and submit the form after the first deduction of the first premium. The form details to be filled out are given below.

  • Name of the employee
  • Father’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Designation
  • Name of the Office
  • Employee ID No
  • Aadhar No
  • Mobile No
  • Details of Nominee and policy number (in case of enhanced policy)
  • Basic pay
  • The premium amount increased.
  • Month & year in which it is increased (G.O.Ms.No.124, Fin. (Admin. II) Dept., Dt.24.05.13)
  • The form is to be filled and submitted by a proposal form that has to get signed and attested by his/her DDO/Head office to get the APGLI policy.


The APGIL loan will be sanctioned by the District Insurance Officer. 90% loan will be sanctioned by the

Services through the APGIL website:

To avail of the services of the Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance (APGLI), the users should visit the website www.apgli.ap.gov.in.

Dashboard: The dashboard gives the details of No. of policyholders, Loans Sanctioned amount (2019-2020), Settled claims amount (2019-2020), Premium Amount, Sum assured amount(2019-2020), and Funds flow statement for the year (2018-2019).


The topic includes the content of

A Brief History of the APGLI Department, Issue of Policies, Remittance of Premiums, Loans from A.P.G.L.I, and Claims.

Download APGLI Policy:

  • The policy download of the employee can be done by the following procedure.
  • First, the applicant’s “Policy Number” should be entered.
  •  Then the “Suffix” has to be selected from the drop-down box.
  • After that, they should enter the number generated in the image box.
  • Finally, make click on the button “Get policy Bond”.
  • The Policy Bond will be downloaded and can be used for the next procedure.
  • https://apgli.ap.gov.in/Existing/AnnualAccountSlip.html

View APGLI Policy:


By selecting this option, the Users can view the details in his/her policy. The details “Policy number, Date of Birth, and the image shown there” should be entered. And get the details through the button “View Details”.

APGLI Policy Number Search:

When the user is unable to access their policy number, they can make use of the option. Providing the “Policy Holder Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, and the code showed” and clicking on the “Retrieve Policy number” gives the data.

Annual Account Slip:

The ear-end account slip can be attained by submitting the options “Policy Number, Financial Year, and the code displayed” through a click on “View Report”.

APGLI Application Status:

The status of the applied application can be checked through the details “Policy Number, Applicant Name, Section, Financial year, and the code displayed” by selecting the option “View”.

All the state government employees can avail the opportunity that is included with many benefits. Our website provides the user with all the details of the policies and the schemes that are included with the Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance (APGLI). So, the individuals who need the topic can search and get the related data that might be useful for them.

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