SCERT Telangana Class 1 Textbooks 2023 Download

TS SCERT Textbooks Download 1st Class: Telangana state government provides an excellent opportunity for students of class I to get academic textbook copies in pdf format downloaded by the official website State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). Telugu, English, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi, and Tamil are the languages of the medium in which the books are available. English, Maths, and Telugu are only the three subjects introduced in the 1st class. A special Telugu subject is given for the other language students that include the basics of the language. Interested persons can download the required pdf links that are available free of cost to the users of Telangana state.

SCERT Telangana Textbooks for Class 1 English/ Telugu Medium  Subject Wise :

Telangana SCERT 1st Class English Textbook: 

The name of the English subject textbook is “My English World”. All the society is newly introduced to the 1st class students. The textbook is designed with colourful pictures that grab the attention of children. The dialogues are given in a pattern of a comic book. The family relationships, attachment with the pets at home, various places they travel like school, identifying colours, flowers, fruits, vegetables, vehicles, food items, animals and birds, recognizing the daily habits or actions, the experience of going to school, travelling in different vehicles with many experiences, and things happened at the zoo. Apart from this, they will get practised reading, writing, drawing, reciting, speaking, listening, and storytelling.

 Chapters in 1st English Textbook:

  1. Ammu and Her Family
  2. Going to School
  3. Ammu’s School
  4. Ammu’s School
  5. Ammu and Her Friends at Her School
  6. Things I Do
  7. At the Zoo
  8. Fruits and Vegetables

SCERT Telangana Class 1 Textbooks

Medium 1st Class 1st Language
Telugu 1st Class Telugu Textbook
1st Class Telugu Special Language Textbook
Urdu 1st Class Urdu Textbook
Hindi 1st Class Hindi Textbook
English Subject 1st Class English Textbook
SCERT Telangana 1st Class Language Text Books 2022
Medium 1st Class Maths Textbook
English & Telugu 1st Class Bilingual Maths Textbook Part 1
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Telugu 1st Class Telugu Medium Maths Textbooks
English 1st Class English Medium Maths Textbook
Urdu 1st Class Urdu Medium Maths Textbook
Hindi 1st Class Hindi Medium Maths Textbook
Kannada 1st Class Kannada Medium Maths Textbook
Marathi 1st Class Marathi Medium Maths Textbook
Tamil 1st Class Tamil Medium Maths Textbook

Telangana SCERT 1st Class Mathematics Textbook: 

The textbook for mathematics is introduced after several opinions of the experts involved in curriculum designing. As the students of 1st standard are new to the school, all the topics are planned to their reach. Mainly learning numbers is practised first as there is nothing to start without that. Before numbers, some pre-Mathematical concepts are thought with topics inside-outside, above-below, fat-thin, big-small, more-less, deep – shallow and expressing them in their own words with examples and differences. Then proceeding to the identification of two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, finding before, middle and after numbers of a certain number, learning the importance of Zero, basic operations of addition and subtraction within one and two digits, introducing tens format, learning of money (knowing and identifying denominations used in our daily life), learning different time in a day (morning, afternoon, daytime, evening, night), length, weight, and sizes (Learning daily life-related measurements).

 Chapters in 1st Mathematics Textbook:

  1. Pre-Mathematical Concepts
  2. Shapes
  3. Numbers from 1 to 5
  4. Numbers from 6 to 9
  5. Before-After-Between-More-Less
  6. Zero (0)
  7. Addition of Numbers Total not Exceeding 9
  8. Subtraction of Numbers up to 9
  9. Numbers from 10 to 20
  10. Addition of Numbers, the Total not Exceeding 20
  11. Subtraction of Numbers not Exceeding 20
  12. Introduction of Tens from 10 to 100
  13. Numbers from 20 to 100
  14. Numbers Before, Between, After
  15. Money
  16. Time
  17. Length – Weight – Size

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