TS School FA 1 Question Papers 2023 for Formative Assessment

TS School FA 1 Question Papers 2023 for Formative Assessment: Formative Assessment and Summative assessments are the two types of assessments that come under CCE. In the school journey of a student, a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is made to record the student’s growth and evaluation. Formative Assessment (FA) exams are the school’s internal exams that are conducted four times in an academic year. Telangana State Director of School Education, Hyderabad is responsible for conducting these FA exams at the scheduled period for all the state schools.

What is Formative Assessment (FA) ?

The assessment conducted during the process of teaching is known as formative Assessment. It is mentioned through the observation of students’ responses, engagements, notebooks, assignments, and other written works. FA will be conducted by the teacher during the academic period. The teacher observes and records the student’s progress as well as the learning gaps. FA (Formative Assessment) is the Assessment of learning and SA (Summative Assessment) is the Assessment of learning.

TS School FA 1 Question Papers

Features of Formative Assessment

  • FA focuses on the diagnostic and remedial and is based on oral and written performances.
  • Makes provision for effective feedback.
  • Enables teachers to adjust teaching by taking into account the results for assessment.
  • Recognizes the need for students to be able to access themselves and understand how to improve.
  • Students build prior knowledge and experience in designing what is taught.
  • To Encourages students for understanding the criteria used to judge their work.
  • Students are offered with an opportunity to improve their work after feedback.
  • Helps students to support their peers.

Formative Assessment and Tools

The learning process of students is continuously monitored and checked in Formative evaluation. Different kinds of tools and techniques must be used to observe and record different types of behavior. They are as follows:

  • Observations – 10 Marks
  • Children Written Works – 10 Marks
  • Projects – 10 Marks
  • Slip Test (Unannounced Informal Test) – 20 Marks

Evidence for awarding marks in Formative Assessment:

  • Teacher’s unit cum period plan that reflects children’s performance.
  • Self- assessment tools are given in the textbook for the use of learners.
  • Student Portfolio (Collection of work done by the individual learner)
  • Children Notebooks (Written discourses and homework)
  • Textual Exercises carried out by children.
  • Products evolved in groups through collaboration.
  • Scripts of slip test.

Formative Assessment Exam Dates for TS Schools 2021-2022:

  • Formative Assessment 1 (FA 1): By 05-10-2021
  • Formative Assessment 2 (FA 2): By 28-02-2022
  • Summative Assessment 1 (SA1): 01-12-2021 to 08-12-2021
  • Summative Assessment 2 (SA2): 07-04-2022 to 18-04-2022

FA Exam Dates for 10th Class TS Schools:

  • Formative Assessment 1 (FA 1): By 05-10-2021
  • Formative Assessment 2 (FA 2): By 31-01-2022
  • Summative Assessment 1 (SA1): 01-12-2021 to 08-12-2021
  • Pre-Final Exams: Before 28-02-2022
  • SSC Board Examinations: In March/April 2022

Formative Assessment Exam Dates for TS Schools 2022-2023

  • Formative Assessment 1 (FA 1): By 21-07-2022
  • Formative Assessment 2 (FA 2): By 05-09-2022
  • Summative Assessment 1 (SA1): 01-11-2022 to 07-11-2022
  • Formative Assessment 1 (FA 3): By 21-12-2022
  • Formative Assessment 2 (FA 4): By 31-01-2023 for SSC and
  • By 28-02-2023 for I to IX classes
  • Summative Assessment 2 (SA2): 10-04-2023 to 17-04-2022
  • Pre-Final Exams to Class X: Before 28-02-2023
  • SSC Board Examinations: March 2023

FA 1 Question Papers 2023

FA 1 Question Papers of different classes of old papers are displayed in the below link.

FA1 1st Class Question Papers:

FA1 2nd Class Question Papers:

FA1 3rd Class Question Papers:

FA1 4th Class Question Papers:

FA1 5th Class Question Papers:

The previous year’s papers can be referred to by the students to know the areas from where the questions are frequently asked and to be aware of the model paper.

The details of the Formative Assessment are brought to the users by our website www.swachhvidyalaya.com. The FA is useful to know the student’s place in the class. Through the particular assessment, the teacher can be able to implement new methods to bring the student to the first position. The users can regularly keep visiting the site for more updates.

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