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Manabadi Nadu Nedu Login page at APP, Bill Status, login Programme: Manabadi Nadu Nedu The education sector development is among the top priorities of the state and central governments. Our Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has promised that if he came into power, then he will take the necessary actions to revamp the condition of state government schools. As per this, the state authority has announced a new scheme called Mana Badi Nadu Nadu. Government schools were highly regarded in the olden days.  Over time, these schools have lost their grandeur. So this newly introduced scheme will help the government to restore the lost glory and honor the state educational institutes. 

Here, in this article, we have given a brief introduction to the Manabadi Nadu Nedu scheme, the Key features of the scheme, its Eligibility of the scheme, and how to apply for the scheme. Keep reading the article to get complete information on Manabadi Nadu Nadu. 

Current Status of the Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme

In Andhra Pradesh state, Phase 1 for the Manabadi Nadu  Nedu program has been completed. Now the government of AP has launched nadu nedu login Page of the Manabadi Nadu Nedu Phase-2 for the people. As a result of this, the government schools under the AP state government have going to transform into innovative schools with all kinds of facilities that can lead the students to have a good education with good quality. This is the brief objective of the scheme. 

Important Criteria About the Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme

  • Name of the Scheme- Manabadi Nadu Nedu
  • Launched in – State Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • Launched by Our CM Sri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy 
  • Announcement Date- October 2019
  • Official Launch Date- November 14
  • Launch Occasion- Children’s Day
  • Eligibility/ Beneficiaries- Government Schools
  • Supervised by the Government of AP

Benefits To The People

The Manabadi Nadu Nedu scheme hopes to decrease the dropout ratio/ rate in all the schools by taking up various measures including school infrastructure upgrades through the implementation of the scheme. Better infrastructure is hoped to better education resulting in a higher retention rate. This is a benefit to the citizens of AP state. 

Key Features of Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme

  1. Government Schools Development- The main objective of the Manabadi Nadu Nedu scheme is to help the government schools in AP to regain their position. For this, the Andhra Pradesh state government is ready to offer and spend the necessary amounts.
  2. Number of Schools in AP- As per the record of the state government, there are as many as 15000 state-run and aided schools. All these educational institutions will come under this scheme. 
  3. Allocated Budget- This scheme will require huge grants. The AP state government has already issued a whopping budget of Rs 6000 crore to implement the scheme in our state. 
  4. Scheme Tenure- The CM has stated that the completion of the education welfare scheme of Manabadi Nadu Nedu will take at least 4 years. 
  5. Schools Renovation- The old government schools will be selected and proper renovation will be done to restore the beauty before. This will benefit the infrastructure facilities in the schools. 
  6. Construction of Washrooms for Male and Female- Many government schools do not have a proper number of toilets for the children. This Manabadi Nadu Nedu program will pay attention to the construction of washrooms and modern toilets for girls as well as boys. This will improve the hygiene of the environment.
  7. Laboratory Construction for Students- The CM has also stated that the schools in AP will get new and improved laboratories. These laboratories will assist the students in gaining practical knowledge and improves their understanding capacity. 
  8. Supervision of Activities- Manabadi Nadu Nedu scheme guidelines highlight that it will be the responsibility of the education board to keep a tab on the schools and monitor the construction activities. 
  9. Community Contractors Appointment- To ensure quality work and transparency, our government of AP will not offer the project tender to private construction agencies. This project will be monitored by the community contractors officially. 
  10. Parent Bodies Formation- The officers of the Mandal education department committee need to keep in touch with the parent councils. The parents will be selected by the scheme officers to keep a close watch on the renovation project and progress of the Manabadi Nadu Nedu scheme. 

Eligibility of the Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme

The AP state government has announced the scheme recently. It has highlighted that only government schools in AP and aided schools will be able to apply for the benefits. 

Necessary Documents for the Application

You need to have the below documents to get benefits from the scheme. 

  • Address of the School- The applying headmaster of the school needs to offer address proof to apply for the scheme. 
  • Certificate from State Education Department- It is mandatory for the headmaster of the school to produce necessary legal documents while applying. It will highlight the institute has been certified by the state education department.

How To Apply For the Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme

As per the scheme, it is designed for the development of schools in the state. The headmaster of the school will have to complete the application process at nadu nedu login. The state government has not yet announced anything about the registration process for now. Once our CM or the respective department makes any official announcements, we will keep you updated on this site. 

Implementation of The Scheme

  • Once a school has been selected, the engineers and community contractors will take snaps of the school.
  • They will list out constructions, other facilities, which are not present in the particular school.
  • After the release of necessary funds, the construction works will begin.
  • After the completion of construction, the engineers and contractors will again click the pictures of newly renovated schools. 
  • These photographs will be compared with the previous ones and the development assessment will be done by the experts. 
  • The images and reports will be released to the people. It will give the state residents a good opportunity to see the developments. 
  • This will encourage the parents to opt for admission of their children into government schools again. 
  • This entire scheme of Manabadi Nadu Nedu will assist the state education structure. 

After the successful implementation of this scheme, the availability of necessary facilities in the schools will be improved. With this enhancement, the government will be able to increase the admission of students to state-run and aided schools. 

Keep visiting Swachh Vidyalaya for more updated information on Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme. 

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