NREGA Job Card Form PDF 2021-22 Download

NREGA Job Card Form PDF 2021-22 Download this card legally empowers rural families for guaranteed work schemes. To apply for an MGNREGA job card, the people need to download the respective state website or click on the below-given link. Then follow the below-given instruction to fill the Job Card Form PDF without any errors. Next, submit the duly filled application form to the respective local panchayat.

How to fill the NREGA Job Card Form PDF:

Step 1: Applicants have to fill the following field as mentioned below.

  • Gram Panchayat:
  • Block/Mandal name:
  • District Name:

Step 2: Then fill in the given details

  • Name of the applicant
  • S/O W/O D/O: father/husband name of the applicant
  • House number: write the door number
  • Ward number/Panchayat name:
  • Next, write the below-given details:
  • Ration card number: write the applicant’s ration card details
  • Category (SC/ST/BC/OBC/others): mention the caste
  • Having household latrine: specify whether the applicant having a latrine
  • A beneficiary of Indira Awas Yojana: mention whether the applicant comes under Indira Awas Yojana
  • A beneficiary of RoFR act: mention whether the applicant comes under the RoFR act
  • Details of the Agriculture land: specify the details of Agriculture land if any

Step 3: Then write the family member details

  • Name:
  • Father/Husband Name:
  • Male/ female:
  • Age as of the day:
  • Relation with the head of the Family:
  • Disability (if any):
  • Aadhar card number:
  • Member of SHG:
  • If YES name of the SHG:
  • Mobile number if available:
  • Date and signature: signature/ Thumb impression of the head of the family.

Step 4: After filling up this Job Card Form PDF, the applicant has to submit it in the respective Gram Panchayat. Then they will verify the following details Whether the applicants are above 18 years of age.  All the candidates must be a local domicile. If a single woman applicant is there, they will verify whether she is single and living alone

Step 5: After successful verification of the  Job Card Form PDF, it is issued to the concerned applicants

Step 6: In case more than one person of the family has applied under the NREGA

Step 7: Then the job card is allotted to every member in 15 working days of applying for the employment scheme.

Step 8: In case the candidate is not employed within 15 days of submitting the Job Card Form PDF, then unemployment allowance is provided to them.

Step 9: As the job card contains the details Under the NREGA scheme, the payment is made by the company by directly transferring the wages into the bank/post office account of the applicants.

Step 10: If the candidates do not have any bank accounts in the bank or post office, the account can be opened by submitting an NREGA job card as a KYC document.

Benefits of the MGNREGA Scheme:

MGNREGA is one of the major development schemes to offer guaranteed employment to rural people in India.
It aims to offer a greater social presence for those residing in rural areas It encourages the development of the structure of rural areas by better use of natural resources.

The MGNREGA scheme also improves the power of gram Panchayats by giving the responsibility of giving paid guaranteed employment in remote areas.

Promises to offer labor to the rural workforce of the country for the development of many long-term fixed resources such as ponds, wells, roads, and canals in rural India.

However, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is valid to all people residing in rural areas of all states. We hope the information given in this article is useful for people who are not yet enrolled in this scheme.

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